Bali bound.

Bookshops, bars & beautiful food. It’s more than just the balmy weather attracting over two million visitors to Bali each year. Here’s a little snippet of just some of the island’s treasures…

Bambu Bali. Jl. Suweta No. 1, Ubud.

Bambu Bali is pretty unassuming from street view. You’re likely to walk in expecting your usual assortment of  Western, Indonesian fusion (club sandwich, spaghetti marinara, gado gado; repeat, repeat, repeat). But Bambu is completely unique. The menu highlight was the Super B Salad – Avocado, red peppers, mushroom prunes, banana, cashew nuts, parsley, coriander, tofu, wheat germ, sunflower & pumpkin seeds on a bed of baby spinach and lettuce. Team that with eggplant chips fried off in a light tempura batter and chunky sea salt and a cucumber and cumin seed lassie and voila, heaven on a dinner plate.

Potato Head Beach Club. 

Australia has so much glorious coastline on offer. When presented with a venue like Potato Head, you start to question whether we are maximising its potential. The Potato Head building itself crescent moons around a decent patch of grass that overlooks pool, sand, ocean, sky in perfect harmony. Guests lay around on flat cushions and towels like they’re hanging at home. And with all that vintage decor, they might as well be. It’s a little bit Bondi meets Barbados. Which may or may not be your thing. Drink any cocktail served in a teapot and eat everything and anything. Just be sure to leave your “Bali’s so cheap” mentality at the door.

ABC Book Shop. Arjuna Street (Double Six No. 9) Legian. 

Nengah Seria has an impressive range of second hand books, especially given his shop is the the size of an Australian pantry. If he’s snoozing, don’t be afraid to wake him up, he’ll be more than happy to see you. There’s a number of Lonely Planet’s available but be warned – they aren’t much cheaper than back home. Nengah’s no fool to the value of a good guidebook. But take in an old book to swap and he’ll swing you a discount.

Zula Vegetarian Paradise. Dhyana Pura 5, Seminyak.

Do yoga? Burn incense? Wouldn’t be opposed to an army green, Ganesha print t-shirt? You’ll love Zula’s. Think falafel pittas, chickpea burgers and vietnamese rice paper rolls. They aren’t overselling themselves with the word paradise. Take a look at Earth Cafe too. It’s their blossoming little sister.

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