Ms. G’s. Sydney, Australia.

 There’s nothing particularly fun about reading a menu that contains less than 3 words you can actually pronounce. Nor is it overly stimulating to try somewhere brand spanking, only to read the menu with a sense of de ja vu. The nail on the head is something you’re familiar with, flipped into something phenomenal.

Ms. G’s has this concept down to a fine art. Especially when it comes to their cocktail menu. Take the “Aloe Vera” for example. You’ve seen the plant. Know the scent. Probably tried the juice. But then they flip the thing to phenomenal and give you: Aloe Vera… in foam form. Now that’s a little different. The ‘holy hell that’s good’ sort of different. If the bar tender told us a tribe of small Tahitian children made the foam by collecting white-wash in a hollowed coconut, pumping it through the veins of an aloe vera plant and whisking it constantly using a palm leaf for 2 weeks straight, we wouldn’t argue.

Then there’s the Pina Colada. It’s packaged on site into an icy bubble tea with green pearls, ready for you to slurp up through a fat straw. There’s nothing ordinary about that experience. The Asian inspired food menu’s nailing the phenomenal familiar act too. Not exactly a prawn toast fanatic? You might be when you try it with actual whole prawns, sourdough bread, yuzu aioli and a half a garden of herbs.

Serve all this across four stories in Potts Point, with Notorious B.I.G. lyrics on a feature wall and cartons of beer for chairs and hey presto, Leonardo Dicaprio’s on your doorstep.

Photo found here.

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