The Yoco House, Sydney.

Frog pond and garden at a sustainable living co-operative house in Sydney

From the outside, it’s foolish. An escape route for grown ups who don’t want to be grown ups. From the inside, it’s perfect. A space of progression, freedom and creative thinking.

The Yoco House was born of yoga teacher, Robbie Baldwin. A home for individuals who share his ideals of sustainable living, collaborative consumption and daily yoga mantras. The nature of the house attracts travellers and transient types seeing plenty of faces come and go; but the positive energy and rituals of upkeep remain constant.

Walking through the faux grass lined house, it’s hard to believe it’s home to anywhere between 7 and 12 people. It’s quiet and peaceful, with the dwellers off living their productive, somewhat curious lives.

It’s more than just harmonious coexistence. Weekly ‘inspiration circles’, spontaneous dancing and ten handed massages create bonds that are unique and supportive. As one housemate remarks in a jovial fashion, “it’s incredible what humans will get up to when there’s no television around”. But the concept’s not for everyone. The thought of sharing one bathroom with such a crowd is enough to scare off many a potential housemate.

The Yoco House is one of a number of dwellings of it’s kind popping up in urban hot spots across the globe. They’re being compared to anything from a kibbutz, to a hostel and even a yoga retreat. But whatever your initial thoughts, don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it…just as the saying goes.

Find out more here.

A chicken roaming free at the yoga eco house Sydney

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