Spotlight on Hampi

What: A small village with a strange rocky landscape.

Where: Karnataka, a state in south west India.

When: December / January. Or any time other than the stifling months of Summer.

Why: It rocks a very strange Flintstones feel, with the large boulders that stretch endlessly around the village. So much so, it’s been nicknamed the “bedrock town” of India. It’s also home to a number of ruins and temples that are collectively listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. Divided by the Tungabhadra River, the town of Hampi is relaxed and slow paced, but still has the ability to keep you entertained for weeks. Pat holy elephants, peruse quirky markets and watch black bears roam in the wild.

How: Fly to Goa and spend a few days trekking in land by public transport.


  1. theidylldiaries

    Beautiful Post! Your pictures are lovely!
    I visited Hampi in 2010 and then again earlier this year. I absolutely love it there; quite possibly my favourite place in the whole world!
    All the best.

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