The Festival of Near Death Experiences, Spain.

So it’s September. A completely ridiculous time to be pumping out a blog post about a festival held annually in July. But given it’s in Spain, you may need 10 months to save enough money to get there.

La Fiesta de Santa Marta de Ribarteme, or the Festival of Near Death Experiences, makes an absolute mockery of La Tomatina and Running with the Bulls on the scale of crazy experiences and culture. Just like the name suggests, the event recognises individuals that came freakishly close to kicking the bucket during the year that’s gone by. In most parts of the world, people would just say a quick prayer of thanks and sink a couple of tallies, but that’s not exactly the Spanish style.

Rather, the aforementioned near deathers jump into (actual) caskets and get carried to a local hill by friends and family. Here, they take a moment to reflect upon the fate they so skillfully missed.

With all caskets up on the hill and moments for pondering life complete, normal behavior kicks back in and everyone gets boozed and watches fireworks. A very strange spectacle indeed.

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    Interesting Festival!

  2. I now have another reason why I should go back to Spain for a visit. Thanks 🙂

  3. So interesting, I am from Mexico and we celebrate Día de muertos (Day of the Dead), but not like this, like getting on a casket and all. I also want to go to Cuba but the US does not let me  how sad (I have the double nationality I am Mexican and American)

  4. saving.for.cuba

    I’ll cross my fingers things change for you Doris. I wonder how good their coast guards are? Perhaps we could sail in on a little wooden boat…

  5. Wait, this is serious? This is hilarious.

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