Hobbit House. Boracay.

An Irish bar and restaurant staffed purely by midgets and dwarfs. Quite possibly the most ridiculous dining concept ever.

On the one hand, it’s outrageously rude. Mockery times 100. A serious deformity ridiculed into a tourist attraction.

From a lighter, less ‘angry activist’ point of view, it’s pretty awesome. And not just because it’s totally unexpected and out of the ordinary, but because the staff are escalated to a life that’s not far from stardom. Everyone wants a photo. An autograph. Memorabilia. They’re legends well beyond their own lunch-boxes.

You could say it’s too crude and refuse to go. In fact, we all could. But then what? The staff end up unemployed, in a country bursting with unemployment.

Anyway, you are free to make up your own mind. But here’s what YouTube has to show for the place (even without Evanescence, it’s quite odd).

(Photo found at travelgeneration.com)

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