The Munich City Museum.

Munich is notorious for a few really great* things – beer halls, boozy tourists and babes in Bavarian frills. A.K.A: Oktoberfest. Compared to its notoriously cool and cultured older sibling, Berlin, Munich’s art scene and progressive modern culture gets a rather pathetic show of limelight.

The Munich City Museum is a prime example of the creativity that’s ripe for the picking in Munich. It gloats a diverse calendar of special exhibitions, many of which delve into Germany’s rugged past and others that sport a more global appeal. There’s also a quirky array of permanent fixtures, spanning the art forms from film to puppetry. Proof that cool things are accessible right across this cutting-edge country.

Found in a 120 year old gothic building, the museum is just 200 metres from the city centre’s Old Town Hall (or a 1.7km stumble from the Oktoberfest field, Theresienwiese**). If you find yourself there any time soon, here’s a few things worth taking a look at…

11th May – 11th November 2012:

  • Discover the propaganda behind the darkest era in German history showcased in the poster exhibition “Typography of Terror”.

22nd June – 14 2012 October:

  • With work described as “photographic puzzles” that highlight the tension between facticity and surrealism, enjoy Floris Neusüss’s collection of Dream Images taken from 1958 to 1983.

25th January – 15th September 2013:

  • Feast your eyes on a colourful and diverse overview of 1970’s European fashion in “A Matter of Taste”.

Permanent Exhibitions:

  • View a puppet collection on level 3 that spans over 2,000 sqm.
  • Explore a series of work by various artists titled “Typically Munich” that bring to life the soul of the city from past to present.
  • Kick back in the Munich Film Museum which showcases an ever changing selection of German and international films, guest speakers & live performances and musicals that bring to life silent films.
  • Drool over a fashion and textiles collection with over 60,000 items – some of which date back to 1888.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

*Sarcasm. Beer halls, boozy tourists and babes in Bavarian frills aren’t that great. Right?

**Visiting the Munich City Museum, or any other museum / gallery / church / cultural site during Oktoberfest activities is not recommended.

(All pictures from the Museum’s website

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