Hello Hibiscus Capital.


Hawaii – the hibiscus capital of the world, notorious for bare feet, barrels and year round balmy days. The unmatched beach culture of Hawaii swims through hundreds of volcanic islands that stretch for almost 2,500km in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. From the hub of Honolulu to the magical islands of Kauai and Maui, Hawaii spells beach time like nowhere else.

The Banzai Pipeline, Oahu, has been home to countless World Championship surfing events, providing surfers with days of entertainment, Honolulu provides holidaymakers with the prefect blend of city meets the sand while The Big Island offers nature at its best.

Synonymous with surf, sand and sun, Hawaii is often forgotten as a destination of supreme luxury. But being home to a myriad of five star resorts, day spas and Michelin style restaurants, this is the perfect destination for the extravagant traveller.  The Modern in Honolulu offers luxury in a unique laidback fashion where you’ll feel comfortable roaming the hotels designer halls in black tie or a bathrobe. Over on the island of Maui, The Westin Resort & Spa boasts private lanais, four restaurants, five pools and views of the neighbouring golf course. Elegant and exclusive, Hawaii’s high class awaits you.

Frangipani bubble baths, candle lit dining by the sea and the soft strum of the ukulele. If you’re after a romantic getaway for two, look no further than Hawaii. The islands of Kauai and Maui offer couples private pockets of paradise to spend hours at the beach, sip mai tais and watch whales frolic out to sea. Honolulu offers a more energetic style of romance with nightlife aplenty, international DJs, streets of shopping and countless dining opportunities.

To experience the best of these beautiful islands contant the fantastic folk at Creative Holidays.




Photos 1 & 2 found here photos 3 & 4 found here.

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