Maya Hayuk: Mural Magic.


If you’re fond of traveling, it’s highly likely you have been in pretty close proximity to an ellaborate, attention grabbing mural by American artist, Maya Hayuk.

With works in the Bahamas, Beijing, and Barcelona to name a few, Maya is leaving a trail of rainbow paint on dreary backstreet buildings right across the globe – gaining quite the following while doing it.

Beyond mural-ing, she’s been The Lighthouse Works artist in residence on Fishers Island, New York; collaborated with Billabong to create some trip-tastic print swimwear; designed a range of laptops for Sony Vaio; and released a little book called Round the Way through Swiss publishing house, Nieves.

In other words she’s great, she’s global and she’s got all the mediums covered.

Find out more at




Image Credits: One, Two, Three & Four.

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