Spotlight on Saint Lucia

What: The most mountainous island in the Caribbean.

Where: Somewhere amidst the trail of tiny tropical islands that dot from the Coast of Venezuela to the larger island of Puerto Rico.

When: April and May. These months will see you avoiding both the rainfall of June to December and the peak tourist season of January to March.

Why: Apart from having all the quintessential drawcards of any Caribbean island (tropical fruit, an abundance of fresh seafood and pristine beaches with hammocks and reggae), Saint Lucia has lush peaks of jungle and a uniquely blended culture stemming from its African and Caribbean roots and history with the English and French.

How: Direct flights run from the convenient hubs of Heathrow, UK and Atlanta, USA.







Photo Credits:

Sunset / Food Market / White Balcony / Blue House / Open Doors / Musician

One comment

  1. It looks like an exciting holiday spot

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