Not wunderkind. Just wandering kind.

The birth of

Earlier this year, I was convinced that a rum soaked fling with Havana would be the end of my wandering ways.

I was mentally preparing to put my passport in my treasure box. Tucking it away with the ballet slippers and tattered love notes. Something to look at on rainy days; those days when getting drunk on nostalgia feels like the only right thing to do.

There was even a piece of land in a nearby valley that tickled my fancy. It had a little stream and some palm trees. “I could do a mortgage if it meant a little stream and some palm trees,” I’d thought.

But then I got an email from Italy. I was swinging in a hammock in Puerto Viejo on the coast of Costa Rica when I read it. Something about Bali and a blog and vegetarian lasagne.

Even the howler monkeys were laughing at me. “Mortgage? Ha! You’re tripping, Girlfriend. Have fun in Bali.”

And so, 4 months on, I’m editing a blog about Bali. And there’s an Italian over there promising vegetarian lasagne.

Life is so grand.

If you want to write for us or have us write about you, please send an e-mail to You can also use this e-mail for Bali coffee invites and vegetarian lasagne recipes. Please and thank you. spiritual offerings

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