West Bali National Park and the Menjangan Eco Retreat

Ever since the fable of Bambi and the legend of Christmas, the deer has been a creature of great adoration. With heavily lashed eyelids that blink softly over brown doe-eyes, a timid nature shown in every unstable step, and an apparent affection for ambling amongst flowers, it’s impossible not to love these gracious, forest-dwelling mammals.

On the fringes of the West Bali National Park that touch the still stretch of saltwater known as the Bali Strait, the fairytale of deer life is an accessible reality. The mysterious knot of well-preserved land, just 7 kilometres oversea from the island of Java, is home to herds of beach loving deer, thousands of monkeys and birds, and a breathtaking eco retreat that weaves through the parklands as naturally as a river.

With enough daylight activities to occupy even the most restless of traveller, and neighbouring Menjangan Islandboasting an undisrupted playground of steep coral cliffs and marine life, it’s hard to comprehend why this mythical patch of Bali gets so little attention.

But as the crowds slowly sprawl out of South Bali, it’s surely just a matter of time before Bali’s West gets the attention it deserves. Meaning you should take a visit as soon as you possibly can…


Menjangan_Resort The_Menjangan_accommodation

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