Tulum. Every clichéd comparison to paradise…

Man with pink boat in Tulum, Mexico.

An hour and a half South of the Spring Break central (read: Cancun) and 3 hours North of the Mexico-Belize border, lies one of the most picturesque places on the Planet – Tulum.

Bringing Tulum to life in words is daunting, and probably can’t be done without some clichéd comparisons to postcards and dreams. Stating the fact that Tulum lies on the Caribbean Sea should begin to paint this pretty picture of pristine. Everything that your mind conjures up at the word “Caribbean” rings true. Most importantly, that crystal turqouise ocean unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. To the point where you may begin to question whether tourism authorities have lined the ocean floor with the plastic used to make inflatable pools.

What sets Tulum apart from the hundreds of other picturesque beaches around the world is the ancient pyramids, castles and forts that lie in ruins on the 12 metre high cliffs that hug the coast line. The pyramids are known to have been occupied by the Maya civilisation as early as 1200 AD, up until the time of the Spanish conquest of Yucatan in the 1500’s. Coming from Australia, that’s serious heritage.

If you had to fault Tulum, it’s not easy to get around. Public buses will drop you to the city centre and from there you’re on your own. There are plenty of taxis about, but drivers seem far more interested in siesta than your need to escape the 35 degree heat.

But hey, what are a few transportation issues when you’re holidaying in paradise?

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