The Portuguese Vortex.

How do you know when a place is incredible? The hotel staff are guests of the past. To exchange further travel for washing dishes and changing bed sheets, one would have to be pretty smitten indeed. This seems to be the case all across Portugal. Well tanned backpackers from around the globe are surrendering their lives to the Portuguese vortex in droves. And for very good reason…

The homes.

Rather than variations in size and building materials, Portuguese pads are individualised purely by facade using mosaic tiles, pastel window frames and curious stencil work. This constant art exhibition teamed with the sea of white from afar make Portuguese homes some of the most beautiful in the world.

The seafood.

To recommend a single restaurant would be like naming the cutest puppy in a litter of newborn Labradors. You really can’t go wrong. The seafood is so fresh and full of flavour that the light and sauce-less dishes are the way to go. That is if you can resist the spice sensation of traditional Portuguese dishes.

The coastline.

Secret pebble beaches, curious caves and clean salty water thats temperature is set perfectly to the balmy weather.

Maybe scrubbing dishes isn’t so bad after all…

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