Peats Ridge Festival: “All About the Vibe”.

Any minute now, our social media streams will be swamped with half naked hippies enjoying the liberating experience of a Burning Man festival. But don’t get jealous, there’s something just as joyful and experimental coming up over New Year’s Eve in Australia.

Now in its 9th year, the Peats Ridge Festival, set in a pretty valley an hour north of Sydney, ticks all of the festival prerequisites and more. Music acts like The Black Seeds, Gossling and John Butler Trio, art installations, all sorts of quirky workshops and a passionate focus on sustainability. Oh, and acrobatics, which is always top of the list.

A chance to escape the drudgery of real life; the three-day event marks the calendar change with an emancipating Masquerade Party. But it’s not all party of course. Days can start with yoga and spirituality classes and afternoons can be spent chowing down organic food and chilling in the eco-living village.

The Peats team are super modest about their great work. But buried somewhere on their website you can find a mention of the 2010 award that named them the “Most Sustainable Event in Australia”, and a subtle dot point stating the fact that the UN officially acknowledges their work in Environmental Education. Kudos!

As Peats puts it, the festival is a “wonderland of the weird and all about the vibe. Happy, smiling, joyful and kooky.” We like the sound of that.

Tickets on sale now:

Photo courtesy of Peats Ridge.

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  1. Steve

    Great read, i wanna go !!

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