Life In A Day: The story of a single day on Earth.

Life In A Day is like the film equivalent of listening to M83 or googling absurdism. Hugely overwhelming and grossly enlightening, leaving you feeling utterly confused about your infinite potential /extreme insignificance; it’s a roller coaster.

The concept was simple. A montage of footage from across the world shot on one day. The outcome was magnificent. It manages to showcase the incredible breadth of differences and commonalities across the world’s ethnosphere, making you feel an equal sense of distance and connectedness.

It was not shot on a significant day, yet like everyday, significant things happened. From a Berlin music festival riot that caused 21 fatalities, to marriage proposals, heartbreaks and deaths; the unusual and usual occurrences of July 24th, 2010 have been time capsuled for eternity in this extraordinary film.

When you look at the sort of videos that make it viral on YouTube (dare I name that Korean Pop song that’s raked in over 600 million views), it’s a bit of a travesty that Life In A Day didn’t receive a little more attention.

View the film in its entirety, here:

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