Céline Cousteau visits the Contiki Australia office.

295026_253632154659985_7779269_n-2This week, the Contiki Australia office had the pleasure of receiving a visit from world renowned environmentalist, Céline Cousteau. To say we were inspired would be an absolute understatement.

Partnering with Contiki in April 2011, Céline shares Contiki’s passion for all things Ocean, and is helping take the brand’s conservation efforts to all new heights by educating travellers and furthering the MAR leadership program.

Contiki staff tuned in with jaws dropped as Céline shared tales of her incredible life being the grand-daughter of explorer, Jacques Cousteau*. Céline has a deep affiliation with the Amazon and her stories, from diving with an anaconda to marrying a shaman, were nothing short of amazing.

Looking at Céline on paper, you might be inclined to sigh and think that some people have all the luck. Travelling to some of the most remote parts of the world since the age of 6, Céline was certainly blessed with an exciting life. But this is a human of complete grace; humble, balanced and totally approachable. Any thoughts of jealousy were immediately squashed with pure admiration, and the whole office was left buzzing with eco-prowess.

Come back soon, Céline, we’re all in awe.

*If by chance you haven’t heard of Jacques Cousteau, he was an explorer, conservationist, filmmaker, scientist, author, sea researcher, co-developer of the Aqua-Lung … we could go on but you get the drift. He was an absolute legend.

Find out more about Céline’s great work here.

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