sLOVEnia. Because it’s Valentine’s Day.

With neighbours like Italy, Croatia and Austria, Slovenia doesn’t get anywhere near the attention it deserves. But that’s all part of the appeal. With quiet country sides, relaxed cities and cruisey little canals, this tiny European nation is the perfect place to soak up the Mediterranean and experience true Eastern European culture without a herd of other tourists right beside you.

STAY: In a 13th century gothic castle, a private cabin in the forest, a or a character filled city terrace.

EAT: A wild asparagus and mushroom fritaja and a sweet nut roll known as povitica.

PLAY: In the snow fields of Kranjska Gora, on the tiny church island at the centre of Lake Bled, and in the country’s capital, Ljubljana.







Photo credits:  1. Janez Tolar 2. The Travel World 3. Radius 4. Fotosearch 5. Daniel Simon 6. Peter Gutierrez 7. Jonathan Irish 8. Adriatic 2 Alps 9. SasaSi


  1. Lovely photos — needless to say I really enjoyed them.

  2. nidal

    amazing place

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